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QUANTEC PRO - Studies and articles


Can a device like QUANTEC PRO really work?

In view of the fact that QUANTEC PRO "only" handles digital recordings (photographs), we can understand any doubts and skepticism.

The reports listed here may not be able to dispel these doubts and skepticism on their own. However, when all the reports are taken together, there is no getting around the fact that what we offer with QUANTEC PRO really works in practice.

Many of these reports have been published in the complementary medicine journal CoMed, and some studies have been carried out by university clinics. We are not just telling stories here, QUANTEC PRO has so far stood up to every scientifically conducted study.


Plants in absolute darkness react to virtual sunlight

Professors Stefanie Rogalla and Heinz Krönke were able to prove that plants in the dark react to virtual sunlight that was "sent" from another room ten meters away using a QUANTEC device.

Here is an article published in the journal for complementary medicine CoMed:


QUANTEC PRO in medicine

Over the years, QUANTEC PRO has been tested at several universities and university hospitals.

All studies carried out to date have demonstrated an effect of QUANTEC PRO on patients.


How QUANTEC PRO made a guitar sound great again

This article tells the story of how a cancer that a world-famous guitar builder from California had during the construction of this electric guitar (without being aware of the disease) affected the sound of this guitar - and how QUANTEC PRO then "cured" it.

An article that describes the possibilities of QUANTEC PRO very well:


QUANTEC PRO in the naturopathic veterinary clinic

This article refers to the veterinary application possibilities of QUANTEC PRO.

Here is an article that was published in the journal for complementary medicine CoMed:

Hier ein Artikel, der so in der Zeitschrift für Complementärmedizin CoMed veröffentlicht wurde:


How QUANTEC PRO saved a potato harvest despite massive frost damage during the flowering period

A desperate farmer sends his potatoes love and gratitude, among other things - and then harvests tons of heart-shaped potatoes.

An incredible story that demonstrates the morphic effects of QUANTEC PRO corrugations.

The EXPERTSCAN: The psychosomatic knowledge module

In our opinion, most illnesses and symptoms can be traced back to psychosomatic causes. Many of these are commonplace: something has got to your kidneys, a louse has run over your liver, someone has broken your back, something has hit your stomach, etc..

But what is the psychosomatic background to osteoporosis or tennis elbow, for example? This knowledge module explains to patients why they have this illness at this particular time.


QUANTEC PRO - Success in viticulture

Radionics is a process that stimulates the self-healing powers of an organism.

The Woditschka family have been cultivating their vineyards for years with the support of Quantec radionics. Their success proves them right - or does it? What is behind it?


Can QUANTEC PRO subtly replace matter?

A farmer who works with QUANTEC PRO only had 15 kg of silage additive in stock instead of the recommended 100 kg for his grass silage. Instead of buying the missing 85 kg, he treated the grass silage with QUANTEC PRO. He then sent a sample to the laboratory for analysis.

Here is the article from CoMed ("Journal for Complementary Medicine") where this story was published:


BIONIK PRO - Growing old healthily

For two years, we had two retired professors evaluate many thousands of clinical studies that had researched the healing effects of foods, trace elements and active ingredients.

If several studies from reputable universities came to the same conclusion, we recorded this in a database under the respective clinical pictures.

Did you know that there are over four thousand clinical studies on the effects of turmeric alone?

QUANTEC PRO protects seedlings in the oven

Here, pea seedlings were placed in an oven at 80° Celsius for 20 minutes. Subsequently, the seedlings were compared with each other, which were exposed to this stress with or without radionic protective coating.

Here is an article published in the journal for complementary medicine CoMed:


QUANTEC PRO and dental implants (zirconium)

The implantologist and oral surgeon, Ulrich Volz, implantologist and oral surgeon, was looking for ways to speed up the healing of implants in his patients and to stimulate the gums to grow back on the artificial teeth.

Here is his report on how he achieved this:



Anyone who looks at the world with their five senses must inevitably come to the conclusion that everything we publish here on this page cannot actually be so.

But our five senses are not suited to perceiving the true character of the universe. Quantum physics teaches us that we and the entire universe are subject to completely different laws.

If you know this quantum reality, what we do with QUANTEC PRO is actually quite normal . . .

raggio dati, fascio

QUANTEC PRO in research

QUANTEC GmbH is researching whether it is possible to communicate better and more directly with DNA using similar structures (instrumental biocommunication).


QUANTEC PRO saves the harvest

Nematodes can destroy entire fields within a very short time by eating the roots. We received a call for help from Africa - we were on site within 48 hours.

Although the nematode infestation that year was the worst in the farm's history, a record harvest was achieved in the same year.


QUANTEC PRO - The diode with the white noise

If you want to understand how QUANTEC PRO finds the right remedies to treat digital recordings, you should find out more about diodes that emit white noise.

Researchers at Princeton University in the USA have discovered that white noise can act as an interface between computers and consciousness.

As has now become known, this has not gone unnoticed by the American secret service CIA, which wanted to use this white noise for its own purposes.

QUANTEC PRO - Implantation for severe bone deficiency

Implantation procedures in the dental field often involve horizontal or vertical bone deficits. Depending on the extent, the use of autologous blocks and autologous and / or alloplastic bone replacement materials is indicated, which are fixed with collagen membranes or similar and protected from ingrowing epithelial and connective tissue. These measures are complex, costly, sometimes associated with risks (infectivity, antigenicity) and stressful for the patient, so that there is a desire for methods that are more biologically oriented and make it possible to dispense with too many foreign substances and materials.

The journal for complementary medicine CoMed published the results of treatment with QUANTEC PRO:


QUANTEC PRO can also control large areas in agriculture

With 500 hectares of oilseed rape, the occurrence of the oilseed rape weevil is quite a cost factor. In addition, oilseed rape weevils are often resistant to insecticides.

Baron von Schröder therefore decided to create a so-called zero plot of 5000 m² (that's half a hectare) and to apply QUANTEC PRO.

QUANTEC PRO - Use in the greenhouse

Often illnesses are not caused organically, but by existential worries. Our customers - usually doctors and alternative practitioners - do not use QUANTEC PRO on patients, but in their professional environment, for example.

In this case, a patient had symptoms caused by massive problems in her new greenhouse, which was supposed to produce as soon as possible in order to recoup the high costs.

The journal for complementary medicine CoMed published the results of the treatment with QUANTEC PRO:


5 years in treatment - lemon trees in a stairwell

Our customer, who used QUANTEC PRO for coaching and management consulting, wanted to bring a little Mediterranean flair to his dreary stairwell.

The lemon trees didn't like this location at first, but then . . .

QUANTEC PRO - Use in the QUANTEC GmbH rose bed

As beautiful as roses are, they are unfortunately also quite susceptible to pests and fungal diseases.

As this bed was located on the access road to our company, Peter von Buengner made radionic treatment a top priority.

And then took a rather unusual approach to pest control:


QUANTEC PRO in management consulting

What essentially makes up a company is the sum of all the people who work in it - in particular, of course, the management. This means that QUANTEC PRO can also be used to successfully advise companies.

Here you can see many examples of such management consultancies:


We know that QUANTEC PRO is also used in the field of environmental remediation.

However, there are currently no publications on this subject.


QUANTEC PRO in coaching

Coaching includes all consultations that do not have a professional, financial or medical objective.

We have listed a few examples for you here:

Test of a Viennese doctor on two flower boxes

At the very beginning of her QUANTEC career, a doctor wanted to test whether the pure placebo effect could be excluded from the treatments and decided to carry out a test with two flower boxes in front of her house. One flower box was treated with QUANTEC, the other was not.

The result was clear and gave her the confidence to treat her patients successfully with QUANTEC PRO at the beginning of her work.