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Medical treatments

Although over 90% of our clients consist of therapists, life counselors, and energy practitioners, we are not legally allowed to provide information about this field of application. We also explicitly point out that the operational principle with which QUANTEC works is not scientifically recognized.

However, we may point out that several university clinics have found QUANTEC PRO, with its quantum-physical operational principle, worthy of a study, and that all these clinical studies resulted in QUANTEC PRO being statistically significantly effective. In Russia, we were also awarded a gold medal as the best device for health prevention as early as 2010.

Healthier Aging through Reduction of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

The aim of this clinical study was to analyze the impact of 12 months of therapy with QUANTEC PRO on physical activity behavior and cardiovascular risk factors in elderly people. A randomized, parallel, double-blind clinical study was conducted on a sample of 20 elderly people.

The therapy was performed remotely with QUANTEC® PRO. Data on gender, sexual characteristics, and diseases were collected. Body composition, blood pressure, and biochemical profile were analyzed as cardiovascular risk factors.

The level of behavioral change related to physical activity was reviewed through the transtheoretical model, and the pattern of physical activity was evaluated with the Baecke questionnaire. The treatment group showed a significant reduction in total cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, LDL-c, and non-HDL-c, as well as an increase in HDL-c and the values for physical activity and exercise.

In contrast, the placebo group showed a regression in the behavioral stage for physical activity. Based on the results, the clinical study concludes that instrumental biocommunication therapy with QUANTEC PRO® can make a significant contribution to the health of elderly people, particularly through increasing the level of physical activity, maintaining blood sugar levels, and improving the lipid profile.

You can download the original study here

Keywords: Bioresonance therapy; Cardiometabolic risk factors; Sedentary behavior; Transtheoretical model; Healthy aging.

One of the conclusions of the Freiburg study was:

“These analyses resulted in a significantly improved general condition (t(9) = 3.28; p
= .005) which corresponds to an average improvement from “not well” to “well”. In terms of their state of wellbeing, participants reported being less nervous (t(9) = -1.96; p = .04), having more energy (t(9) = 2.28; p = .024) and being less exhausted (t(9) = 3.25; p = .005). This group also reported the fulfilment of a wish that, on average, came true at least to some extent (physical area: (t(9) = 2.88, p = .009); mental area: (t(9) = 3.86, p = .002); social area: (t(9) = 4.07, p = .002); professional area: (t(9) = 3.0, p = .008).



Far more research is being carried out in Russia on PSI and the subconscious than is the case here in the west. All the more astonishing, then, that we as a German company have been successful in the competition against domestic companies in Russia and the Ukraine.

The list of committee members who awarded this prize reads like a Who’s Who of Russian and Ukrainian universities and academies:

  • The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Ministry for Education and Science, Ukraine
  • The Academy of Noospherian Sciences and Education
  • Institute of Innovative Technologies and New Education, Kiev
  • Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Skovoroda State Pedagogical University
  • Altujnsarina National Education Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The Crimean Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Holistic Thought, Odessa
  • Vernadsky Centre, Kharkiv
  • EIDOS Centre for Intellectual Development, Sevastopol
  • The International Peace Fund

The prize was awarded in the “Most Innovative Health Support Product” category.