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The operating principle is based on oscillations picked up by patients in a resonance loop
and modulated by therapeutic frequencies as feedback.

How does QUANTEC MED differ from other bioresonance devices ?

Difference 1

All the devices on the market up to now work with one pole per electrode. The electrical current travels from the plus pole of one hand electrode to the minus pole in the other hand.

QUANTEC MED uses two pole electrodes to prevent these strong currents from flowing through the body. Only an extremely subtle pulse travels through the body from hand to hand.


Difference 2

QUANTEC MED does not work on patients with electrical current but with fields. The hand electrode is coated with acrylic so that there is no direct skin contact with the electrodes.

The fact that QUANTEC MED works with fields can been see when a hand approaching the electrodes is clearly displayed by LEDs even before contact.

The diode with the white noise

The diode with the white noise also sets the pace in the new QUANTEC MED in the same way as our QUANTEC device. We can also use our many years of experience and introduce our philosophy here.