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What is AXXYXX?

Worldwide, our devices have become known as "QUANTEC".

Only in the USA, Canada and Japan our name "QUANTEC" had been registered as a trademark by other companies before. Therefore, our devices may not be sold under this name in these countries.

Our devices are offered there as "AXXYXX".


What is the difference between QUANTEC and AXXYXX?

There are no differences between QUANTEC PRO and AXXYXX PRO. Both devices with their software are completely identical - the only difference is the name.

Of course, the same applies to QUANTEC MED and SPA and AXXYXX MED and SPA.


Who is the manufacturer of AXXYXX devices?

As with QUANTEC devices, the manufacturer is QUANTEC GmbH.



Wilhelmshöhenstraße 16
DE-82319 Starnberg

Tel: +49 (0)8104 - 62 90 88

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