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3D render of a medical background with DNA strands


We at QUANTEC have been working in the field of bionics – the science that makes it possible to develop new technology from observing nature – for many years. One well-known example of bionics is the lotus effect, which has been successfully applied to all kinds of man-made surfaces (glass, varnish, etc.).

We have been exploring whether it is possible to communicate more effectively with biological systems when you try to imitate their basic building blocks technologically. Instrumental bio-communication is our core competency and we want to continue to expand and innovate in this field.

Let me start by saying this: It is only an experiment, but DNA has a couple of characteristics that can be converted into technology with very little work. For example, the angle between each DNA pair and the next is exactly 36 degrees. Despite the fact that the DNA is wrapped around itself multiple times and appears crumpled to the observer, nature ensures that an angle of exactly 36 degrees is maintained at all times.

What would be the result if you built an antenna with pairs of white noise diodes that are arranged at exactly this angle?

There are a number of other DNA characteristics which we will examine in this way. Research is continuing and we will keep you updated.

By the way
Did you know that the QUANTEC laboratory is the world’s biggest research centre for white noise as an interface with consciousness?