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Gentler treatment with fields…

Current of up to 100 millamperes are allowed for bio-resonance device in Germany. This does not seem to be a lot but is many thousands (!) of healthy current flows in the body (cell potentials).

The cell whisperer

QUANTEC MED works with only a fraction of the permitted current strength and the acrylic coating around the hand electrodes also avoids direct contact with the flow of current. QUANTEC MED transmits the signals in a purely capacitative manner.

Together with the two-pole design of the hand electrode, this allows the best possible therapy to be reached for the patient that we can imagine. QUANTEC MED actually becomes a cell whisperer because of this new technology…


Two further advantages:

  • Acrylic can be cleaned much more easily that the usual conventional metallic hand electrodes.
  • Metal allergies can no longer influence the therapy: after the skin is only in contact with acrylic.


  • We are basically talking about fields here and not electrical currents. We think that therapeutic frequencies can be transmitted more effectively and gently in a physiological way.