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Saving fuel with QUANTEC

Fuel consumption has been occupying our thoughts for several years. Reports from clients tell us that they can save fuel with QUANTEC. That sounds so unlikely that we have never had the nerve to document it publicly. Now, however, environmental pollution and rapidly rising gasoline prices have persuaded us to throw caution to the winds.

"Attested by a notary"

Dr. Cieslar was a successful notary with a top address in Munich's Maximilianstrasse and has simultaneously realized two heartfelt wishes for his retirement: to emigrate to Canada, and to work with QUANTEC. In Canada he bought himself a Jeep and a Harley and toured the American continent. Shocked by the high fuel consumption, he used QUANTEC to curb the consumption of his thirsty vehicles and achieved such a low consumption that neither his automobile repairer nor his friends with similar vehicles can find an explanation.

But this phenomenon is actually quite easy to explain . . .

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