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This book appeared in public in the same year as QUANTEC. Although published by our own company and not available in bookshops, it became a bestseller. It provides information not only on the background and basic tenets that led up to QUANTEC but also on the designer of the QUANTEC device itself: Peter von Buengner. We think it is important to know the inspiration behind this book and its creation, particularly in the area of biocommunication, which offers so many opportunities for application of the equipment.

The topics are wide-ranging and are specially suitable for clearing away old prejudices and opening up the mind for new ideas. As the title reveals, subjects range from the dreamtime of Australian aborigines to quantum physics, which at first glance would not seem to have much in common.

The second part of the book deals with alternative ways of treating illness. Peter von Buengner describes the experiences gained during his practice in a form that all can understand.

A book to read for yourself and an ideal present. Also available in German.


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