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How biocommunication is able to bring harmony in very troubled situations can best be explained with the so-called "butterfly effect". Scientists have proved that even the heftiest storms can be caused by a single beat of a butterfly's wing.

QUANTEC too works with very fine stimuli that can ultimately have enormous effects. Some examples:

  • Suppressing mobile telephone radiation
    Mobile telephone masts have damaging effects on biological systems. But the mobile telephones themselves . . .
  • Suppressing electrosmog
    White noise diodes have demonstrated that they can neutralize the harmful effects of electrosmog. A study by the Catholic University of America in Washington showed . . .
  • Saving fuel
    QUANTEC can influence your fuel consumption. The retired notary Dr. Cieslar ran tests with his cars and found out . . .
  • Water purification
    The Berlin city authorities commissioned the cleaning up of two lakes within the city's boundaries. The success and the letter of thanks of the city administration . . .
  • Drinking water purification
    With QUANTEC, the main drinking water pipelines can be informed in such a way that harmful substances and toxic information . . .

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