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White noise

The interface to the consciousness

The diode that generates white noise can be visualized as the television or radio quartz valves used earlier. The noise is called "white" because it appears on a black screen as flickering white dots, rather like what you see on a TV screen after the end of transmission time. The noise of the QUANTEC diode itself can be compared to a radio that is not tuned into any station: it alternates between deep rumbling, high whistles and then medium-frequency hissing, completely at random and with no recognizable pattern.

However, when this noise is connected with the consciousness, it changes. These changes can be processed and interpreted by a computer. QUANTEC uses this interaction with the consciousness by working with white noise to search its databases for relevant entries (e.g. affirmations, acupuncture, Bach blossoms, homeopathy, colors, etc.).

The diode as interface between consciousness and machine has been studied for over thirty years - with unambiguous results. Countless series of tests on people and animals have proved that diodes with white noise can be used as an interface between different types of consciousness and computers. The Frenchman René Peoc'h, in his experiments in the sleep laboratory, was even able to prove that this takes place without any waking consciousness. As part of the global awareness project, the collective consciousness of all people on our planet is being studied.


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