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Unconscious control

The French researcher René Peoch wanted to find out if robots controlled by white noise could also be influenced by people without waking consciousness, i.e., by their subconscious.

During sleep, the waking consciousness is inactive, and the fact that someone is asleep can be seen on an EEG (REM phase). Peoch connected test persons in a sleep laboratory to an EEG, waited until he could monitor that they were asleep, and then went into the room to switch on a robot that produced a loud, unpleasant noise in its movements. The robot then switched itself off after twenty minutes.

The test series in which the test persons did not wake up were then analyzed. The result was that the sleepers had unconsciously steered the disruptive robot away from themselves. The robot, which had produced a purely random wander pattern when there was no test person in the bed, was apparently steered as far as possible into a distant corner when the bed was occupied by a sleeper.


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