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The access logic of the diode


White noise has quantum-physical properties. For this reason, an explanation of the access logic with which QUANTEC works that is simple for ordinary people to understand is only possible here in the form of an analogy. For experts too, the linking of white noise to a computer is so complicated that QUANTEC is the only device on the world market that can handle this technology.

The analogy: Let us suppose we are trying to find the ideal color for energizing and harmonizing a client. A computer database containing all test colors is linked to white noise. If five colors are to be tested, the noise spectrum of the diode is divided into five equal-sized frequency bands; these bands are then automatically numbered by the QUANTEC software and assigned to the five colors in the database.


When the consciousness is now connected to the noise, the noise, which was previously distributed across all frequency bands (see the figure above) in one range more than in all others (see the adjacent figure). The QUANTEC software now just has to find out which color was assigned to the corresponding frequency band and, lo and behold, the unconsciousness has picked out the required color all by itself! Figuratively speaking, white noise is a keyboard that can be used by the unconsciousness for communicating information.


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