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In vino veritas

In 1999, a severe hailstorm struck the blossoming vineyards around Hernbaumgarten in the Viennese wine-growing area. About two thirds (!) of the blossoms were torn from the vines, many together with whole branches.

Out of sheer desperation, the vintner family Woditschka used QUANTEC for the first time to treat their vines; the success of the radiation was greater than expected. Not only did the Woditschkas bring in eighty percent of the normal annual harvest: all fifteen of their wines won medals in wine-tasting, eleven (!) of them gold.

Subsequently, they successfully treated the vines with QUANTEC for pests and diseases. (Further information)

Mr. Woditschka did not want to publicize this story immediately; he preferred to wait for a few years to see if he could repeat this success. That has now happened, and we are happy to report on his success here.

Note: This sudden leap to the most successful Austrian vintner did no go unnoticed in the local press and specialist journals


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