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Fighting pests with QUANTEC

Encouraged by his success with QUANTEC following the hailstorm, Mr. Woditschka has begun to use QUANTEC to radiate his vines against pests or diseases and has achieved success over several years.

Where QUANTEC cannot solve the problem alone, traditional means are used; but the amounts needed are much lower, thanks to QUANTEC.

Mr. Woditschka uses QUANTEC to fight the following diseases (left to right: shoot basis attacked by Excoriosis, Pseudopezicula tracheiphila, Botrytis in blue Spätburgunder, oidiomycosis in grapes):

Part of the treatment consists of producing nosodes on site from the diseased vines; the photos are scanned into QUANTEC and given the right homeopathic potency via the white noise diode. His success bears him out . . .


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