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Instrumental biocommunication

Psychosomatics and the responsibility principle

QUANTEC®5.2 now interprets the language of the soul: illnesses

Most patients feel themselves to be the victim of their illness and think that the type of illness is purely coincidental. They then often ask themselves why precisely they should have to suffer. The answer to this question would bring them much nearer to the real reason for this ‘why’ and therefore to a cure for their illness.

Almost every illness has a typical, psychic cause. ‘Soma’ is Greek for ‘body’. If the psyche loses its balance and harmony in a particular aspect, it psychosomatizes it, it shows on the body where the problem lies. This is true for all people, all languages and cultures, with the same illnesses.

If you have dental problems, you may be lacking in bite; if you have a problem with your back, you may not be able to assert yourself (to have backbone, to break the back of something); if you have digestion problems, you cannot stomach something; if you have a throat disorder, you cannot swallow something; if someone has problems in giving, he may have asthma or constipation, and if he gives too much, diarrhea. This list can be continues to include every type of illness. It is not coincidence that is behind illness but a clear message with an unambiguous challenge. Dethlefsen and Dahlke in their book ‘Illness as a Way’: “Not until we abandon the idea that every type of hindrance is an unpleasant disruption that we have to remove or compensate for as quickly and discreetly as possible can we profit from the disruption. We first have to let ourselves be disrupted in the rut we have got into – we first have to let ourselves be hindered by the hindrance from going on living as we have done up to now. Then the illness will become the way and lead to the cure.”

The time factor

In practice, that has always been difficult to implement. On the one hand, many therapists are not familiar with the connections between the disruption and the symptom, and on the other hand, even if the meaning is known, it often takes too long to explain these connections to patients. This gap is now closed by our new software module.

The QUANTEC® ExpertScan and the psychosomatics module

Take gastritis as an example. To obtain the evaluation described below, you just click the checklist under ‘stomach’ and select an illness (see the graphic above). After you click ‘Start’, QUANTEC needs just a couple of minutes to generate an affirmation (NLP, see the graphic below), the text for the psychosomatic meaning, the medical ExpertInfo, and finally – as before – to display the remedy found using the white noise diode.

After the affirmation (see the graphic below), the psychosomatic meaning is displayed. QUANTEC takes into consideration the name, age and sex of the patient – in this case a 50-year-old woman. For reasons of space, we show the text not as a graphic but printed out in italics just as it is displayed in QUANTEC:

Stomach subjects: Anger, stress and aggression, overcoming conflicts, love
On anger, stress and aggression: Colloquially one says ...to be acerbic... (stomach acid), ...to swallow ones anger.... This is a matter of a level of feeling which is not adequately handled. The problem is not resolved in the head but is literally swallowed to the stomach. The stomach then has to bear the consequences, and then somatizes this in the form of illnesses.

On overcoming conflicts:
A smouldering conflict cannot be resolved. ...To have to swallow something... means that the conflict, e.g. at the workplace or in the family, is not being addressed. The opposing party is apparently stronger, and so I, as a ...poor sucker..., simply have to swallow everything.

On love:
In the event of a lack, the stomach assumes a representative position. The compensation usually takes the form of snacking on sweet things. ...I could eat that little sweetie up with a spoon... clearly shows the connection between love and the stomach. Love however should not go through the stomach, but should be expressed through the heart and the genital organs.

Expert Info:

1.) Helicobacter pylori
In practically all stomach illnesses, Helicobacter pylori takes advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately this is often treated with antibiotics, usually without success. There is however another form of treatment: Helicobacter die off on contact with alkaline bismuth nitrate.

2.) Differential diagnostics with duodenal diseases
The stomach and small intestine are very close together, and ...stomach ache... is sometimes actually a pain in the duodenum. If you want to find out which of the two organs is causing the pain without a probe, ask Gabriele whether the pains occur before or after eating. If there is inflammation or ulcers in the stomach, these become worse by eating, because the pylorus then closes, causing muriatic acids to build up in the stomach, which can then cause the pain. If the problem is in the intestine, this is relieved by eating, because the closed pylorus allows no more muriatic acid into the intestine. Also: If Gabriele is of blood group O, a duodenal ulcer is more likely than for all other blood groups.

The white noise diode

Following the affirmation and the above evaluation, QUANTEC then uses the white noise diode to identify suggested therapies from the areas desired by the therapist. These may be homeopathic substances, nosodes, acupuncture points, colors, and many other things. The specialty here is that only remedies that have a direct relation with the affected organ, illness or psychosomatic background are suggested.

Do you want to help your patients to understand their illness?

You can use the gastritis example demonstrated here and select other organs, and then, from the checklist, select the most common illnesses of these organs. The software – as shown above – then automatically assembles all the facts in a few minutes. If you are interested in showing your patients the connections between their actions, thoughts and illnesses, and you want more information, we invite you to one of our info-evenings. And then, if you are really interested, we can arrange a demonstration in your practice.

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