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The elbows subject is ambition



Tennis elbow is one of a group of symptoms that are often very resistant to therapy.

We claim that the elbow is not the problem, only that the problem shows itself there.

From the psychosomatic view, the problem of the tennis elbow is that the subject of the elbow ambition is not given adequate expression. And if ambition at work cannot be given full expression, it is often transferred to sport.

There, the joints are overstrained and the elbows, already weakened by psychosomatic feedback, are inflamed.

The result: the elbows can no longer be used, which is a popular way of saying that no recognition can be gained for ambition to come to the fore. Do you understand now why medicaments are mostly ineffective, even when they contain cortisone?

Illnesses are the language of the soul, and the QUANTEC® ExpertScan is the interpreter that helps us to understand this language. Every illness carries with it a message, which, if correctly, shows us the way to the cure.


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