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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is our page for frequently asked questions. Please get in touch with us, if you cannot find the answer you need here. We will be pleased to answer your question.

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How much does a QUANTEC MED device cost?

The prices varies from country to country; various shipping rates, customs duties and sales tax rates render it impossible for us to state and overall valid price.

Please ask for the price at the telephone number 0049 – (0)8104 – 629088 or ask for an offer in writing via the contact page of this website.



Can I delegate treatments to my receptionist?

Treatments can be easily delegated with the QUANTEC MED since it does not expect any medically relevant entries apart from the length of the therapy.



How do I specify the length of the therapy?

QUANTEC MED offers you a therapy ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. The following applies as a general rule of thumb:

  • start with shorter periods of therapy and extend them step by step.
  • the older and more ill a person is, the shorter lengths of therapy should be selected.

What is so special about the electrodes of the QUANTEC MED?

QUANTEC MED uses two new inventions, which should make bio-resonance with the device more effective.

Two poled electrodes
This enables more gentle therapy to take place.
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Therapy with fields
A "breathing into the cell" effect instead of using bursts of energy.
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Both innovations are registered for patent; these effects can only be obtained with the QUANTEC MED.

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Can animals also be treated with QUANTEC MED?

Animals can also be treated with QUANTEC MED. Please ask for the how-to.

Which system requirements are required for the computer?

WINDOWS 7, 8 or10
Actual PC or Laptop
DELL Computers and LEXMARK printers should not be used with QUANTEC!


How are delivery and installation organised?

How are delivery and installation organised?

Free delivery (European Union)

QUANTEC MED comes to you by courier with all the components. You can also book an installation on site if you like.

How can I ensure that I have acquired a qualitatively good product?

QUANTEC device have been on the market since 1997. We are global leaders in the field of bio-communication and have earned ourselves a good name precisely because of the quality of our products.

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What does the environmental balance look like from the QUANTEC Company?

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