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The power of consciousness


Anomalies are events that occur in practice but according to scientific theory simply cannot occur. In the USA, a special laboratory has been founded for investigating such anomalies, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR).


In this experiment, the test person scored a deviation of ten percent with "+" and five with "-".

After Princeton researchers had showed that it is possible to divert falling balls by the power of thought, they turned to conducting research into white noise. After proving the power of thought over matter, they wanted to find out if and to what extent people can use white noise as an interface to a computer. To test this hypothesis, students were placed in front of a computer that, controlled by white noise, constantly made plus or minus decisions. The result of the years-long study: if people think "plus" while a computer controlled by the white noise of a diode has to decide between "plus" and "minus", the proportion of "plus" decisions rises with statistical significance (see figure)


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