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QUANTEC® spinal column module

The ExpertScan and the spinal column module 

The spinal column module can be selected after import in the ExpertScan screen.

Moving the mouse pointer over a vertebra opens a pop-up menu (see graphic for 7th thoracic vertebra) showing the organs and joints assigned to the vertebra.
If the above screen is set to the tab [Overview], the diseases of the vertebrae can be entered, vertebra by vertebra. In this example, Intervertebral discs, degenerated is set for the 7th thoracic vertebra, and a degree of severity selected (slight). For this example, we then assign a slight incorrect posture to the 7th cervical vertebra.


The tab [Overview] shows an overview of all selected spinal column diseases.

Switching to the tab [Stresses] triggers a generator run, which helps to identify those organs placing most stress on the vertebrae, or are themselves being most stressed by the diseased vertebrae.

The result, as shown in the example below, is then a list of slight stresses (or in case of severe diseases Severe stresses), linked to the vertebrae in question:


The order in this screen is arranged so that the most severe stresses are shown at the top.

In addition to the diode with the white noise, the number of diseased vertebrae also plays a role here, and whether these diseases are slight, medium or severe. QUANTEC® thus determines an organ status, which is then given the final polish by the generator run.

If Mrs. Roberts, our example patient, has stomach symptoms, the user then double-clicks on the line with the entry Stomach assigned vertebra: TH 7. This opens the screen which you already know from the Psychosomatics module:

The symptoms of the patient are selected in this screen, and the screen then closed.

The list is then examined anamnestically for further correlations between diseased vertebrae and organ symptoms, and every entry noticeable in the patient as a source of symptoms double-clicked.

Let us assume here that the patient also has a disease of the thyroid, and select this disease by double-clicking the line Thyroid assigned vertebra: C 7.

If we then click on the tab [Summary], this opens a screen displaying all the diseases present:


Now all it needs is a click on [Start] (not visible in the graphic here) and the assessment starts running, as you are already familiar with from the Psychosomatics module.

In this way, the vertebra findings can easily be weighted and assessed with regard to their relevance to organic diseases.

If you would like to extend your existing QUANTEC® system by this module, you can order it here.

Price quotation in ZAR.

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