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Vacation module

QUANTEC® & the vacation module

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From now on, during vacations or weekends, you can have expiring HealingSheets automatically extended by the QUANTEC vacation module. The new vacation module automatically scans a new send schedule, which then expires on your first working day.

The process does not simply extend the send schedule, but calculates an individual send schedule with interval and send duration.

Would you also like to have some free time at the weekend? No problem with the new vacation module. Simply specify that HealingSheets should continue to be sent on Saturdays and/or Sundays. The HealingSheets are then waiting for you on Monday for further attention.

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New function for the Send Wizard!

If you want to work with fixed expiry dates, but still have the send options Send duration and Interval determined by the diode with the white noise, the vacation module now offers you this function.

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