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Touch – Smell – Taste
– Hear – See

Our five senses are the receptors through which our environment can influence us. We refer to the sum of all these sensual influence as reality. Only what we can receive or perceive through our senses shapes our sense of reality.

This global reality comprises countless local realities. A dog, for example, lives with us in the same global reality but in a completely different local reality; on a walk in the park, we share only a small set of common realities with the dog. For example, the dog is aware of completely different odors and hears far more sounds than a person.

Our five senses are capable of perceiving only a tiny percentage of the whole. For example, our eyes see only 1% of the total electromagnetic spectrum! This means that if we judge the world only according to what we can feel, smell, taste, hear and see, we are almost condemned to be mistaken.

Add to this all the phenomena that exist outside our five senses and we understand what a person who believes only what he can see and touch is saying about himself.


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