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Dr. Dahlke on the subject of QUANTEC® ExpertScan


Dr. Dahlke is
happy that his
method derived
from psycho-
somatics with the
ExpertScan is now
being increasingly
used in medical

Dr. Dahlke has seen the new software module in use by one of our customers. A few days later, he wrote the following in the journal CoMed (this is only an excerpt):

‘At other levels, progress is much more convincing and forward-looking. Recently, the leading radionics company M-TEC brought out a psychosomatics module as an accessory for its Quantec device, based on my holistic psychosomatics method. This type of information medicine, which makes use of energy transfer methods that have not yet been scientifically proved and can best be explained with Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, will certainly grow in size and influence in the future. Of course, I am very happy that the comprehensive body-mind relationship that defines my work is used as the basis of a forward-looking direction in medicine.’
(Click here to read the whole article)

We have achieved a great success with our psychosomatics module. You are cordially invited to satisfy yourself at an information event.

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