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QUANTEC and the Psychosomatics knowledge module


Image: Section from the Psychosomatics selection screen (For an example, click here)

Proponents of the psychosomatic approach see symptoms as just the end of a long chain that has its beginning or origin somewhere else: in the mind.

Practically every illness has a typical psychological origin. “Soma” is Greek for “body”. If the psyche is in a long-term state of imbalance or disharmony in a particular way, it psycho-somatises that, and shows where the problem is through the body. The same illnesses are manifested no matter what the patient’s background, culture or language.

With some illnesses the psychosomatic interpretation is simple and has often also entered common parlance: some things get “our blood boiling”; people get “on our nerves”; and sometimes we “get our heart broken” – there are plenty of examples. But what might the psychosomatic cause of osteoporosis or a tennis elbow be?

The QUANTEC PRO knowledge module, which is known as ExpertScan, contains the interpretations for more than 95% of the symptoms and illnesses for which patients seek the advice of a GP. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by this information – it allows patients not only to fight symptoms but also to recognise and resolve the causes.

(For an example, click here)