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Autism and Instrumental

QUANTEC® and the Dolphin – Effect

Autism is described in the medical dictionary as „Contact behaviour disorder with mental introversion and isolation from surroundings”. Due to a lack of successful conventional treatment approaches other means have been investigated and found in the form of dolphin therapy. A study in Taiwan has shown that this “Dolphin – Effect” can be instrumentalised.

Dolphins evidently use an additional means of communication – one that isn’t reliant on any of the five customary senses and therefore can reach the child behind their barrier. Since for financial reasons the dolphin therapy in Taiwan is no longer available for most affected families, we have been asked whether we thought we could achieve a similar effect with QUANTEC®. Our answer was positive, and so the following study took place in Taiwan:

The Therapy Study with QUANTEC®

This study looked at 102 children, 92 with Autism, 5 with cerebral palsy and 5 with Down syndrome. The age of the children varied between 3˝ and 11. The ratio of male to female was 4.5:1. All children were at least one year ill and had been treated with the common conventional therapies, all without success.

The Results

The therapy with instrumentalised biocommunication is after a few weeks already showing fast and significant therapy success. On a scale from 1 to 4 for improvement roughly 75% of the parents indicated an improvement, roughly 25% noticed no improvement. Especially in the area of eye-to-eye communication, positive spontaneous behaviour and parlance is especially prominent compared to conventional therapy. (See Table)


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