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The experiment

With very simple experimental equipment, the Frenchman René Peoch was able to show that the interaction of consciousness and white noise is not restricted to the human consciousness.

First he built a robot that was controlled by the white noise of a diode. He then trained chicks to regard this robot as their mother. As Konrad Lorenz had already shown with his gray geese, it is enough merely to keep the robot in motion next to the incubator. The chicks think that the first thing they see moving after they hatch is their mother. In the first part of the experiment, the cage remained empty (Figure 1).


In the second part, he was then able to show that when the chicks were in the cage (Figure 2), the robot preferred to be near the chicks. Thus it is the unconscious, instinct-guided wish of the chicks that influences the position of the robot. We believe that the unconscious expectation of the chicks (that the robot is their mother) generates a field of intrinsic intelligence, i.e.: a field that knows for itself how white noise controls the robot and moves it according to the chicks' expectations!


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