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An unconventional way . . .

Dr. Lee (surgeon) conducted a study with 110 autistic children in Beverly Clinic in Taipei in Taiwan (China). After treating these children for several years unsuccessfully with various therapies, he heard about the successes of dolphin therapy. But since there are no suitable dolphin pools in Taiwan and most of his patients could not have afforded the treatment anyway, Dr. Lee started to look for a device that uses the consciousness effect of dolphin therapy instrumentally.
   Louis Lee, Tak-Cho, Autismus, Therapie, Delphin-Effekt, QUANTEC, Radionik

Via the American University of Princeton, which is a leader in the area of mind-machine interaction, he then came to us and discovered QUANTEC.

Great success

Dr. Lee was very impressed by the success of his treatment of his autistic children: two thirds of the children demonstrated great improvements after only three months of therapy with QUANTEC. 

Help is near . . .

If you want to try this therapy for your child, just send us an e-mail with your address and telephone number. We will then call you and recommend a suitable therapist.

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