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Attack by Small Eggar

Next we searched for natural enemies and information that could be unpleasant to the caterpillars. Since we could not identify natural enemies but knew we were dealing with a species of moth, we used the QUANTEC search wizard to search for "cedar" and "lavender" (well-known household remedies against moths).

The entries came from the database Nature - A, which is fortunately very well illustrated (pictures from left to right):
▪ Living plant ° ▪ Lavandula dentata / Labiatae
▪ Living plant ° ▪ Calocedrus decurrens, Red Cedar
▪ Living plant ° ▪ Medicinal plant ▪ Cedrus atlantica°, Atlas Cedar
▪ Living plant ° ▪ Cedrus deodara, (Deodar)


We then used QUANTEC to make a generator run to identify additional, indicative vibrations and information. If you wish to know which databases we used, which entries QUANTEC found, or the transmission intervals we used, you can download the HealingSheet here.

The blighted trees were certainly very grateful for this successful treatment . . .

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