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Attack by Small Eggar

How we did it . . .

First we formulated three affirmations:

"All trees and shrubs in the park are free of pests. This applies particularly to the caterpillars or larvae shown in the picture of this entry. This HealingSheet is intended to drive them all away, and to contain all vibrations that make the continued presence of the larvae as uncomfortable as possible, so that they want to leave the park as fast as possible. And in future, the garden and the park should remain free of these pests. Larvae nosode."

"All attacked trees and shrubs succeed in transporting a greatly increased amount of a substance to their leaves, preventing further larva attacks. Larvae nosode."



"All natural enemies of the larvae arrive in swarms to assist on the elimination of the larvae. Larven Nosode."

The pictures were assigned to the entries in the HealingSheet as Nosoden pictures and homeopathically increased with QUANTEC.


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