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White noise diode
& electrosmog

A sensational study by the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

American scientists have investigated the effects of pulsating radio waves and magnetic fields and ascertained the following:
Human cells recognize pulsating radio waves and magnetic fields above a rate of 2000 pulses as information. This process is also known as iteration, which means that the effect of these signals on the human cells increases in proportion to the duration of exposure. In the case of hormone cells, such radio waves or magnetic fields can be made to produce and emit their hormone if they are detached from their superordinate control mechanism.

The white noise diode

The thermal noise of the diode is not pulsating but static. Acoustically, it reminds one of the sound of a waterfall. If the pulsating field is overlaid with the static, white noise of the diode, the human cell no longer recognizes the information and is no longer hampered in its function, since only pulsating fields have the described biological effect; if the pulsating is overlaid, the negative effect disappears.
In an interview with an American radio corporation (Nationwide Radio), Patrick Flanagan said on January 26, 2004 the following (comments for better understanding are shown in italics in brackets):
In the late 90s let me think, 1998 I think it was the Catholic University in Washington D.C. conducted an experiment. They took normal 60-Hz fields, 60 cycles (per second) like the normal electricity that we use at home (this refers to the USA; in Europe 50 Hz fields are the rule). And they built small cages around a few eggs in an incubator. And they exposed the eggs to a minimal normal 60-cycle magnetic field as we receive it when we just walk around in our houses. (...) They radiated the chickens eggs with a normal household electrical frequency. And when the chicks hatched, they had all the measurable genetic defects from this field. They had (additionally) a control incubator with a magnetic screen around it, so that these fields could not penetrate and the control eggs (from the screened incubator) had no trace of damage.
The next thing they did was to take a third incubator. This time they took a 60-cycle field (60 Hertz) like in the other incubator, but they added something. They added another magnetic field with something called ‘white noise or ‘pink noise. Do you know what white noise or pink noise is? It is static, it sounds like a waterfall. Thats the noise. And what happened the sound signal / noise is not periodic; so it interferes with or disturbs the 60-Hz field. And the cells of the eggs could not log on to the 60-Hz signal. So all the eggs that were exposed to the white noise had no genetic defects. We now know how to counteract this damage caused by magnetic fields in cells. (Source: IGEF www.elektrosmog.com can be read in the abstract of the American Journal BIOELECTROMAGNETICS of December 6, 1998 under http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/abstract/34142/ABSTRACT.)
This study was commissioned by the American military. Time and again, soldiers working with military radar equipment had complained about massive health problems. This problem can now be solved by white noise diodes integrated in the radar equipment.
Since mobile phones and radio masts, which we have already dealt with, can have the same biological effects as those described above in the experiment with the chickens eggs, we are now offering, together with the Thomas Ehmann (a firm of consulting engineers), a training course on constructional biology with a focus on electrosmog.
For the first time ever, traditional measuring methods (Hertz) are combined here with the white noise diode technology. The aim is to eliminate harmful electrosmog as far as it is technically and financially possible and to harmonize the remaining electromagnetic sources of interference for biological organisms using the white noise diode integrated in QUANTEC. Further information on this training course under http://www.hilfe-elektrosmog.de.

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