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QUANTEC & mobile phones

We consider it as proved that mobile telephone masts have harmful effects on biological systems; plants, animals and people are affected by them. The health hazard level depends on both the number and strength of the transmitters as well as on the angle (vertical and horizontal) and the distance.

Harmonizing mobile telephone radiation with QUANTEC

American scientists have investigated the effects of pulsating radio waves and discovered that human body cells can confuse pulsating radio waves and magnetic fields with their own control pulses above a level of 2,000 pulses. It has for example been established among frequent mobile users that cancer in the head occurs more often on the side of the head preferred for telephoning.

It was also noticed that the pulsating radio waves or magnetic fields cease to have a biological effect when they are overlaid by a chaotic magnetic field. To generate these chaotic fields, noise diodes are used as in QUANTEC.

Where to get competent advice

If you are looking for an expert to measure pollution at home or work using the most modern measuring instruments and advise you on avoiding or neutralizing electrosmog, click here.

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