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water conditioning

Directions for domestic use

Not a lot of cities are as lucky as Munich and obtain their drinking water from mountain streams and lakes. And even then . . .
Ever since the Austrian nature observer and pope of water Viktor Schauberger demonstrated that all common water pipes denaturalise and devitalise water of its information, we know that clean and pure mountain water loses its biological valence on the way from the spring to the tap. Not only the shape, but also the material water pipes are made from may cause health problems. Pipes from lead, copper or iron always pass on the information of these materials.

In many places the water quality, to begin with, is not very good. Over the last few years, manifold reports have stated that the taking of the pill for contraception or the hormone preparation against climacteric discomforts release more estrogens via urine into the drainage system than can be filtered by wastewater purification plants. This way, a high dosage of estrogens enters the wastewater system. Apart from serious disorders in animal fertility, this has repercussions for humans as well:
The German males sperm count has decreased over the last decade and the cause of the infertility might be found in the aforementioned area.
Estrogens are only one example and that for detectable materialistic pollution - not yet mentioning subtle contamination.

There are plenty of water treatment plants and water treatment procedures, some are better than others - so what can be done?

The problem may be solved with QUANTEC® by instructing the water pipes that lead into the house or flat so that the harmful information in the drinking water can be deleted. Look out for a spot where you can see the water pipes and photograph them.

  • Create an object "water pipe" in your QUANTEC® and link the image using the menu "picture". Then create a new HealingSheet and give it a name in the header. Our suggestion:
    Optimal quality for drinking water.

  • Then formulate an affirmation in the first field. Our suggestion:

"The water has an optimal quality for drinking water. All harmful ingredients, whether of materialistic or subtle origin are eliminated. The water contains all healthy and vitalising ingredients in a well-balanced mixture to be integrated by the metabolism.
The water is soft, fresh and tasty - just like a mountain spring. The calcium in the water has been transformed from crystal- into ball-shaped; the problem of calcification has been eliminated at the same calcium concentration.
The consumed water will flush all by-products of the metabolism, roughage, toxins and harmful information out of the human and animalistic body.

Your plants will also grow well once watered with this water. Tea, coffee and all foods made with the treated water will take on the good taste and positive properties.

Thank you very much!"

The HealingSheet now looks as follows:

  • You can now add entries from the databases, which you would like to have in this HealingSheet - such as oxygen or ph-value. Stones such as the Obsidian and the Tourmaline are very popular due to their reputation of keeping away bad energies of any kind.
  • The fourth step is a generation run, so that QUANTEC® can look for suitable oscillations and information for your drinking water. After the test run one can place a prayer at the end of the healing sheet such as the "Our father" or the "pilgrimage of crystal":

Wall of crystal,
All and everywhere,
Embrace the water pipe,
Embrace it in being
Overarch it,
Reshape it
And let nothing in
But light alone.

Beautiful, isnt it? You will see - your water will taste so much better!

Finally, another tip:

A while ago, a tree was discovered in the Sudan tropics of which the fruit detoxicate and purify water and even kill bacteria.
Similar to when one drank from silver cups to make use of the bactericidal and purifying effect of silver, you can now buy a powder made of the seeds and purify water on a larger scale.

If you would like to use the effects with QUANTEC®, you can download the picture of the Moringa-fruit and create a new database entry.

This is a report published in the magazine P.M.:


Purifies water and cures diseases

The tropical tree has indeed magical properties, which are fascinating more and more scientists. Its crushed seeds purify drinking water a property utilised in the Nile villages in Sudan.

One seed of 100mg per 1l of water is sufficient to make the dirt sink and kill 99% of the contained bacteria.

Research laboratories around the world are now working on a simple water purifying method for third-world countries, which replaces costly chemicals such as aluminium sulphate.

The moringa tree, which grows at a rate of three meters per year and can reach a height of ten meters, also provides medicine against diabetes, high blood pressure and anaemia.

Furthermore, this tree is precious food: 100g contain the same quantity of calcium as twelve glasses of milk, the same vitamin-C quantity as 21 oranges and as much potassium as nine bananas. Apart from that, oil from the seeds is used as lubricant for machines and even made into fuel. This tree has the stuff to become the most important plant on earth," - Noel Vietmeyer from the National Academy of Sciences in Washington

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