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Help for tomatoes!

Instrumental Biocommunication in a Tomato Greenhouse

A QUANTEC user sent the following story:

Healthy, strong tomato plant growth

“I normally provide treatments with Quantec to people. However, due to the benefits patients have drawn from their treatments, they themselves have led me to the world of veterinary science and agriculture.

My most recent trial was with Mrs Dora E. Sauceda, who is the owner of a plum tomato greenhouse, which has just been built.

Mrs Sauceda chatted to be about her main concerns: although the greenhouse had been built properly, it took longer and cost more to complete than planned and the result of all this was that in the end the soil was not sufficiently prepared with fertilisers and/or organic manure for it to be ready to plant the tomatoes.

As if this weren’t enough, the tomatoes were suffering from a Blight fungus, a very aggressive fungus that attacks the plants’ stalks and continues to eat the stalk until the weakened plant falls down and dies. There was also a very high probability that this would spread to other plants.

The result:
Healthy, strong tomato plant growth. The blight threat disappeared completely. After the horticultural experts forecasted a loss of over 40% of the greenhouse, the loss did not even reach 3%.

Read here the detailed report.

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