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Heart-shaped Potatoes

A QUANTEC user sent the following story:

“During a particularly cold spell this past winter, our potato crops suffered severe frost damage. I took pictures of the damaged plants and made healing sheets on the QUANTEC to help the potato plants recover. We also sent messages of love and gratitude to the potato plants. About 60% of the plants recovered. (Other farmers in the region only recovered about 10% of their expected yield).

The most unbelievable of all was that several of the potatoes were heart shaped when we started to harvest. We have never heard of or seen heart-shaped potatoes before”. – Quantec Farmer

The potato land was already on the Quantec before the frost.  Additional healing sheets were made after the frost. Some of the healing sheets read:

‘100% germination of seed’
‘Perfect growth on all levels’
‘The potatoes have fully recovered from frost damage’
‘The potatoes are protected from all adverse weather conditions’


Read here the detailed report.

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