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Laboratory report confirms effect

Our customer, farmer G. Bruns, uses his QUANTEC®, amongst other things, successfully in milk production. Since he also produces milk in the winter, he regularly lays in large quantities of grass silage in spring as a feed supply.

But when he wanted to harvest 30 acres of grass, as every year, and store it in the silos, he found that he had forgotten to order enough silage additive in time (silage additive improves the nutritional value of the grass by better fermentation by means of various strains of milk bacteria).

According to the manufacturer’s information, he needed about 100 kg of silage additive for 75 acres, but he only had 15 kg in stock.

Instead of ordering the missing 85 kg, he decided instead to treat the silage with QUANTEC®. When the silo was opened later, he took a sample and had it examined by a laboratory.

The result:
The laboratory certified to Mr. Bruns the quality of the highest classification:
Very good (09 to 100 points)!

Read here the detailed report.

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