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Remote Healing

Traditional school medicine has always maintained that remote healing cannot possibly have an effect on the healing of illness. Now, however, a San Francisco heart hospital and two American Universities have published studies showing that remote healing must be taken seriously as an additional alternative to the treatment of illness.

The three studies:
  • Remote Healing and AIDS
    Whereas 40% of the control group died of the disease, there was not a single mortality in the group treated by remote healing . . .
  • Remote Healing fulfills the desire to have children
    American and Korean doctors examined the effect of remote healing among in vitro fertilized women. The spectacular result of this study was that twice as many women became pregnant . . .
  • Remote Healing and cardiac illness
    Professor Randolph Byrd conducted a hospital study among cardiac patients: he had others pray for his patients. The astounding result of the study was . . .


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