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QUANTEC® vacation module

The vacation module

In the event of your absence, and if required also at weekends, the vacation module takes over the extension of HealingSheets for you. This is activated during the software installation.

For working with the vacation module, define a new appointment type in the [Week View] and create an appointment with this type.

To do this, click in the [Week View] on [New] and define the start and end of the appointment:

You must define an appointment type, e.g. vacation or training.

To do this, click in the drop-down menu Type on [Edit].

In the Presets window you can create an appointment type by clicking the button [New]. In our example we have Vacation and Training.

Leave this window by clicking the button [Close].

Now select the required type under Type, e.g. Training. As usual, you can also enter a note relating to the appointment, and if required also have yourself reminded about the appointment.

Leave this window by clicking the button [OK].

The appointment you have just created is then shown in the [Week View].

You can define other appointments, and also enter a vacation if required.

The vacation module becomes active as soon as you provide the relevant information in the upper menu bar under [Settings] > [Send options].

If you now want this to be sent to the appointment types Vacation and Training, check the corresponding types under
Continue sending expiring HealingSheets
[on dates in the calendar]:

In this screen, you also have the facility of activating the function Continue sending expiring HealingSheets at the weekend:

Simply select the day or days on which HealingSheets should continue to be sent.


HealingSheets which would otherwise expire during your absence or at the weekend will now be extended, providing QUANTEC is running, until 12:00 on the next working day.

The individual send times and intervals will be determined with the aid of the diode with the white noise.

If you would like to extend your existing QUANTEC® system by this module, you can order it here.

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