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QUANTEC® transmitter station

If your QUANTEC® is already heavily utilised with transmissions, or if you want to be mobile with your QUANTEC®, while the fixed station punctually processes transmissions at home, you can now double the capacity of your QUANTEC® with the transmitter station.

The transmitter station is a QUANTEC® which in terms of functionality is designed solely for the transmission of the corresponding jobs created on your previous QUANTEC® (standard license).

3 reasons for the transmitter station

There are three good reasons in favour of the transmitter station:

  • Your QUANTEC® has more send jobs than it can handle, or you would like to create even more jobs if you still had free transmission time available.
  • Your send wizard is often not switched on because you are on the move a lot or make many generator runs to produce new healing sheets. The send wizard, after switching on, then continues to send all accumulated jobs one after the other until it is updated again. If you would prefer to radiate your target objects regularly at the planned times, a QUANTEC® transmitter station is the means of choice.
  • You would like to send Healing Sheets in parallel on several QUANTEC®s. You also have the possibility (by setting a checkmark) when exporting to leave the send jobs on your previous standard license, and from now to broadcast them on two or more transmitter stations.

You already know this start screen of the transmitter station: this is the QUANTEC® send wizard. As you can see, the menu of the transmitter station on the left side of the screen is designed purely for the functions relevant for transmission.

Export send jobs in
QUANTEC® 5.2 ...
... and import on the new
QUANTEC® transmitter
By means of an update to your previous QUANTEC®, you now have the possibility of exporting send jobs form individual or all clients, and then importing them again on the transmitter station.

In the menu of both QUANTEC®s (standard and transmitter station) you then have the facility under Statistics to monitor how much of your system capacity is being used.

In addition to the daily utilisation of the current date, this also offers the facility of displaying the utilisation of the next thirty days. These screens are then available on both QUANTEC®s both on your previous QUANTEC® (standard license) and on the transmitter station.


Contents and price of the transmitter station

The contents include the software for the installation of the QUANTEC® transmitter station, the USB converter with diode and the gold clip. The package also includes the software which you will find described under QUANTEC® organisation module.

The transmitter station costs 3,600.00 plus 19% VAT ( 4,284.00).


A rose-quartz triangle can also be supplied on request at an additional price of 800.00 plus 19% VAT ( 952.00).


The QUANTEC® transmitter station can be ordered here and a printed version of the new features can be found here.


Mr. Fretz is one of our most successful customers, and is based in Switzerland

Mr. Fretz is one of the ß-testers, who have already been using the new transmitter station since February of this year; since July, it has been working perfectly for him, as for other customers. He is delighted that his customers can now regularly receive their broadcasts when he is registering new customers, creating databases or when he is on the way to outside appointments with his mobile QUANTEC®.

Mr. Fretz continues: All these new functions make my work much easier, and are also wonderfully easy to operate. QUANTEC® is for me truly the Rolls Royce amongst devices of its type.

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