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QUANTEC® synchro software

Good news for customers with multiple licenses

Customers who work with two or more QUANTEC®s can now export, import and even synchronise clients, target objects and individual healing sheets between all their QUANTEC® computers.

Previously, customers with two or more QUANTEC®s had the problem that they could not relocate clients, target objects or healing sheets from one computer to another. If clients were recorded with several QUANTEC®s, lists also had to be kept of which customer was to be found on which QUANTEC® computer.

These times are now over:

From now on, you can export clients to another computer. During this process, all the corresponding target objects, healing sheets and transmission times are also automatically transferred.
By clicking on Export clients, as previously when exporting databases, you can export either individual or all customers, and then import them again on another computer.

The highlight

The special feature of this export and import function is that in this case, the data is not simply copied over, but that a synchronisation can also be carried out. This means that the data is also updated if work has been carried out on the same client in the meantime on both computers! QUANTEC® then combines both sets of data, instead of simply overwriting one set of data with the other.

All you need to do is leave the checkmark already set as standard for the import at Import only recent changes:

The QUANTEC® can therefore now process transmissions at home, while you are out registering new clients or creating new healing sheets for existing clients or changing existing healing sheets, and when you return to the office, your mobile QUANTEC® tells the stationary computer what new data it has, while the stationary computer tells what it has transmitted in the meantime.

The price of the synchro software

In addition to the functions described here, the Synchro-Software also includes the Statistics module for the monitoring of your QUANTEC® with regard to utilisation by send jobs and the menu Organize elements.

The synchro software costs 360.00 plus 19% VAT ( 428.40).


An order form is provided here and a printed version of the new features can be found here.


Mr. Fretz is one of our most successful customers, and is based in Switzerland

Mr. Fretz is highly satisfied with the synchro software: I have four QUANTEC®s, and previously had the problem that I had to keep lists in order to know which customers to find on which computer. Now I have brought all customers together on one computer, and broadcast the healing sheets over several transmitter stations. I can now also visit customers with the laptop and then load the new data onto the stationary computer at home. The same customer can even be worked on on both computers simultaneously, and both computers then take over the new data from the other computer during synchronisation.

All these new functions make my work much easier, and are also wonderfully easy to operate. QUANTEC® is for me truly the Rolls Royce amongst devices of its type.

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