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Twin photons

Remote Effect and Remote Healing

Twin photons maintain simultaneous contact to each other over any distance. We assume that the effects of QUANTEC are based on the connection between such twin photons. In every photo, a camera always catches a particular percentage of such entangled light particles (photons) whose twins remain with the portrayed object. Since the two maintain contact with each other, this could be the mechanism that links pictures to that which they illustrate - and vice versa.

The link between twin photons is scientifically proved; it is also proved that this connection can be used for transmitting information. There are even ways of exploiting this type of information transfer industrially.
Can QUANTEC® therefore use this effect by transferring information to digital images in the computer? We assert that this is so, and we see that the advantage of delegating this to a computer is that instead of the manual, costly procedure, the information can be transferred automatically and reliably by the PC several times a day to the respective destinations. 

Studies on remote healing show that patients can be helped in this way. In these studies, photos and names of patients were passed on to persons who from remote places (without any personal contact) then prayed for these patients or attempted to heal them spiritually. The positive results of these studies are perhaps possible because photographs maintain contact to the whole object that they portray.

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