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In research carried out into identical twins, many series of tests have clearly proved that siblings of this type can communicate with each other in ways that simply cannot be explained by classical physics. Identical twins have identical hereditary factors, which obviously considerably increases telepathic skills. In outside laboratory tests too, cases have become known in which twins who did not even know about each other, because they were separated in orphanages, have started to communicate and then found each other. Particularly in situations where one of the twins is in mortal danger, the telepathic potential rises dramatically.

We meet telepathy in everyday life too, albeit in a slightly weakened form: one of the strongest types in the connection between mother and child. Mothers have an 'aerial' for their child; they can wake up, for example, even if they are sleeping deeply if their child is suddenly ill in the night. And they can still do this even if the spatial distance is so great that the fact cannot be explained by acoustic phenomena. "This elemental connection between mother and child has now been medically recorded and designated. Frederic Vester says: "A mother's love can be remote-controlled." This is an ancient behavioural pattern from nature. This simultaneity, which has not yet been explained, is certainly part of the broad area of communication via morphic resonance." Also, if we think of someone we love, we sometimes know when we hear the telephone, that it is going to be this person ringing. We suppress this because we think it's impossible, but every one of us has had some kind of similar experience.*

*Page 73, "Gespräch mit Rupert Sheldrake", Karsten Welte


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