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QUANTEC's "green thumb"

People who repeatedly manage to get even apparently hopeless plants to grow and flourish are said to have "green fingers" or a "green thumb". This naturally does not refer to the color of their fingers of thumbs but to their special ability of communicating with plants.

QUANTEC is also especially capable of this biocommunication, even in the combination of serious problems and large areas under cultivation.
A few examples:

  • FORESTRY: Attacks by Small Eggar on cherry, lime and birch trees
    In June 2005, cherry, lime and birch trees on the QUANTEC testing ground in Altkirchen (Germany) were attacked by Small Eggar. Read here how we solved the problem with QUANTEC . . .
  • Vineyard in the Viennese wine-growing area (13.5 ha)
    Following a disastrous hailstorm during the blossom period, the vines were treated with QUANTEC over an area of 13.5 ha. Result: The vines not only recovered in quantity, but 11 of 15 types of wine were awarded prizes . . .
  • Flower farm in Africa (20 ha)
    When the call for help arrived from Kenya, 20 ha of flowers (Hypericum) were in great danger, and could not be cured by the use of chemicals or other conventional methods. QUANTEC helped to solve the problem in a few weeks . . .
  • Box trees on the company car park
    Just outside our door, box-tree lice were causing severe damage to the box trees. Radiation with QUANTEC . . .

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